Peculiar Planet – The Hopkinsville Goblins

Hopkinsville is a quintessentially ordinary town. Green, flat, and rural as can be. The Hopkinsville police must have been positively anxious for something extraordinary to happen. I imagine a touch of eagerness in their faces as they watched two cars speed into town on August 21st, 1955. How anybody manages to fit five adults and […]


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The North Pole Tunnel – A Family Fable

There was once upon a time a boy who loved Christmas, and he loved it more than life itself. He loved the snow, and he loved the presents, and he loved the cosy warm fire that his grandma always kept alight through the winter months. But the thing about Christmas that he loved the most, and the thing that was, in fact, the little boy’s most favourite thing in all the world, was the North Pole sky.

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I’m sitting on a rough ledge, dusted white and overlooking a sheer drop. The sun is warm against my back, which is a truly unexpected kind of hug, especially here in the U.K. Wind roars past in frantic gusts, drowning out the periodic buzz of the crickets. When I catch the sound, like the spokes of a bicycle spinning as they catapult someone across the world, I think about the twisting roads that snake around these endless, sloping mountains, and how perfectly terrifying they would be to race along. 

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A postcard

Dear Father McAlister

Yes that’s a star fish on my head. You know, those five fingered flesh lumps you were so eager to call ‘nonsense’ and ‘propaganda’.

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