Sleeping on the wrong side of the bed

It’s a metaphor, see.

When life casts its shadow, and when that shadow falls over you, it can feel like you’re living in some other dimension, right? Some part of the world where excitement isn’t a thing, where looking forward to something is as impossible as looking back at something you’ve enjoyed. It’s a strange place, this shadow world, because you don’t even have the energy to crawl out of it. It just is, and that’ll have to do.

But wait! Here’s one top tip for starting that desperate crawl! Here’s one top tip to help you drag your frozen legs across the ground! Here’s one top tip to fight the shadow and emerge triumphant into the blistering heat of the sun!

Rotate yourself on your bed. Sleep with your head where your feet should be. Bring your pillow, of course. Can’t go leaving that behind. But settle your head down where it wouldn’t normally go.

There you go. Problems solved.

I’m not even joking, much. It’s something I do, rather a lot when I’m down, and it really helps me sleep if nothing else. I have trouble entering snoozeland at the best of times, but these aren’t the best of times, and so I find it even harder. But something about just changing where I sleep, it helps. It helps me close my eyes, and clear my mind, and step straight into that strange land of dreams. It helps me, I suppose, because it reminds me that what’s going on isn’t normal.

It can feel normal, when you’ve been under that shadow for a while. So when I sleep on the wrong side of the bed, I guess I’m making my body think it’s somewhere different, so it doesn’t feel so wrong. It feels like a different place, rather than a ruined version of my home. As a five-star certified doctor I think I can safely say there’s some truth to this.

I guess another reason it helps is because it’s a change from the every day. It’s like getting up and going for a jog but without the effort. It’s a nice simple way to do something different, which is badly needed when things get grey and hopeless, because it can become a trap, otherwise. I can get stuck feeling down, because I’m doing the same three things on repeat. Eat, TV, sleep. Eat, TV, sleep. I have to try and break out from the loop at some point. Sleeping on the other side of the bed is one, small way of doing that.

It’s also just a more comfortable way to watch TV. My heads closer to the screen this way so I don’t have to put on glasses. I can listen to the horrifying screams of SpongeBob or the delightful laughter of Leslie Knope. I think maybe this the main reason I do it. Hm.

But it’s helpful! It’s a good, it is. Sleep on the wrong side of the bed. I recommend it. Now leave me alone so I can go wallow in self-pity.

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