Creative Computing Girl – A Poem

Did you ever love me,
The way that I loved you?
The way that I still do?
The way I want you to?
Did you ever love me,
With passion and surprise,
With hunger in your eyes,
Without mystery nor lies?
Did you ever love me,
Girl at university,
Who’s course was all computery,
Who looked at me so happily?
Did you ever love me?
Did you ever look and see
The warmth I find so hard to free,
The person I so want to be?
Did you ever see me
The way that I saw you?
Or were you simply saying hi,
Cause that’s what people do?

You had a job that day,
I know.
You had to sell your course,
Then go,
And look your teacher in the eye,
Explain in detail how and why,
His course for the next year or two,
Was completely empty, except for you.
Wouldn’t be all that much fun,
Sitting there, beneath the sun,
Laptop resting on your knees,
Work assignments,
For algebraic formulies,
Coding rules for entities,
Knowing where you’d put your keys,
Because you lacked inebrieties,
For lonely had your course become,
With just you, your teacher, laptop, sun.
You came to me that open-day
To do a job, and not to say
“I love you Danny,
I love you stranger,
I love you.”

But in that second
When you caught my eye,
We shared a lifetime,
Beneath pale blue sky,
In fields with green, fresh scented grass,
We kissed and kissed and skipped off class,
Hands entwined we walked the halls,
Skipping past great waterfalls,
Breathing in your perfect hair,
Your bright blue eyes,
Your reddened lips,
The gentle curve of your two hips,
The sound you make
When I surprise
You’re perfect self,
In heartfelt song,
Two minutes long,
With rhymes and jokes that aren’t so strong,
And yet you smile,
Because to me,
You make it so,
I want to be.

Our eyes unlocked,
I caught a smile,
A memory,
I’ll keep and file,
And think about,
When things look down,
When this old world,
Looks set to drown.
“I do a course-”
She said with joy,
“In creative stuff-”
I’m just a boy,
“It’s making games-”
I might be blushing,
“And animating-”
Sounds like she’s rushing,
“We do some writing-”
She looks so sweet,
“It’s mostly typing-”
I knew we’d meet,
“It’s real good fun-”
Oh god I’m sweating,
“Will get you money-”
Let’s get to petting,
“A job and stuff-”
She thinks I’m dumb,
“Which is pretty great.”
Still sucks his thumb,
“So yeah, come see us-”
Wait don’t go,
“We’re by the library-”
I need to know-
“Will you please watch a film with me? I’ll pay for tickets, you choose what we see?”

Wait just one second.
Was that my voice?
Oh god.
Oh god oh god oh god.
I have no choice.

I ran away that fateful day.
I fled, quite fast, and heard you say,
Some words, some answer, a weak reply,
Too late to hear it.
So, no pale blue sky.
No chance to hear the reason why.
No cinema tickets for me to buy.
No kissing.
No holding.
No you, and I.

Except for that one moment there,
Where our eyes locked,
Fair and square,
And in your face, I did see,
The warmest, brightest, place to be.


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