It’s not all about the girl – A Poem. Again.

It’s not all about the girl, I promise.
It’s so much more complex.
Just because I spend my weekends
Reading through our texts,
Doesn’t mean it’s all about her,
I promise you it’s more,
It’s normal to feel slightly sad,
But there’s a bigger, deeper flaw.

I write this for a purpose,
So that you can see,
The life I here do live in,
So unhappily.
Not because she’s reading,
Even though she is.
Not because she sees these words,
Which overshadow his.

I don’t care about him,
Let’s be clear right now.
I don’t even care about
When they met and how.
Because she must have known him,
Before it all went wrong.
Which means we weren’t so special,
Which changes our whole song.
So sure she clearly knew him,
And thought about him too,
And probably just spent a week,
Thinking these things through,
And whilst I sat here moping,
About bigger things than love,
She was out there groping,
Some dangling thing above.

But I don’t care about that,
Honestly I don’t.
You just do what you want to,
Whilst I sit here and wont.
Not for lack of trying, mind,
I’d love to go and smile,
But my sadness is a rooted thing,
Which lasts a little while.

But it’s cool that you’re so happy,
Honestly, it’s true.
It’s great that you moved on like that,
Right on to someone new.

I don’t care about it,
Not at all one bit.
I’ve got bigger things to do
And better things to think.
But people think I’m moping,
Just because of you.
Well let me tell you, woman,
What they thinks not true.
I write because it helps me,
Not to drag you down.
I cry at night for deeper things
Than so and so’s pronoun.
So what that they’re a guy or girl,
Or that they’re where I’ve slept?
So what that they have hold of all
The things of mine you kept?
So what that they now have your arms
To keep them warm at night?
So what, who cares, I don’t mind,
Though honestly I might.
But not that much, I tell you.
Bigger things for me.
Deeper problems,
Heavy troubles,
Things that you can’t see.
Because listen here, okay?
Just give my life a try,
And you’ll see it’s much more complicated
Than your silly questions why.

And it’s not at all about the girl.
I swear to god it’s not.
I don’t care what she’s off doing,
Don’t care if new guys hot.
Don’t care about a single thing,
Don’t care about the wars,
Don’t care about her stupid face,
Or what she thinks of yours.

But more that,
Cos more there is,
I would like to say,
I don’t care that you lot think,
I mope around all day.
I’m deep and dark and brooding,
And I hope that you all die.
It’s not all about that stupid girl,
Now let me tell you why.



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