Loony lovegood looking girl – a love poem

Loony Lovegood looking girl,

Leaning right to see,

With swoosh of magic silver hair,

The curly mess of me.
A flick of leveosa wrist 

is all she has to do,

To trap my fickle, beating heart

Devils snared straight through.
A flash of misty, ocean eyes,

An unusual sort of smile,

Enough to make me wish I could,

With polyjuice, beguile.
Or perhaps bring in a bogart,

And save her from her fears,

And mend her broken spirit

With salty Phoenix tears.
The trouble is my tendency

To seem as thestrals do,

Invisible to naked eye,

Or curious and new.
But lovely Luna looking girl,

With magic silver hair,

Leaning to the right to look,

And pause, and then just stare…

Right there

To where

I’m not.
I stop.

I turn to smoking cup.

I read the omens writ within.

I keep my mouth held shut.

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