A bit of a story you’ll never read the rest of

Amber was expecting the sound, but it sent shivers down her spine nevertheless. When you hear footsteps creaking up the staircase, footsteps that are much too heavy to be your mums despite the fact that she’s the only other person meant to be here, you can’t help but feel a little frightened.

Amber pulled the covers tight, and stared coldly at the door. She felt like she was eight again, trying to hide from the monsters that threatened to take her away in the dark. This was worse though. Monsters suddenly became a whole lot more real when you were seventeen, and the things they could do a whole lot worse.

There was a loud thud as the footsteps stumbled, unfamiliar with the uneven gap between the top two steps. Amber felt a sudden panic that her mum might wake, before realising that maybe she actually wanted her mum to wake up, which made no sense at all but still.. She wasn’t sure this was such a good idea, not anymore. She believed in it, of course, but did she really have to vanish like this? Could she really not say goodbye?

She was scared, and not just because the footsteps sounded so unfamiliar. She was scared because this was really happening, because it was real and it wasn’t going to stop. She was scared because the footsteps were right outside her door, because the handle was turning, because the shape, the being, the entity… It was here.

Amber imagined her mum bursting in, wide eyed and confused. She imagined her yelling at the entity, forcing it away, getting rid of this choice Amber so desperately didn’t want to make.

“Are you ready?” the entity asked.

“Yes, MonRekTook.” The words felt false, but she said them anyway.

“Good. Join me, XiZixOh, and we shall begin.”

Amber took a long, deep breath. She was frightened, yes, but that didn’t change anything. This was a good decision. It was the only good decision she had ever made.

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