There’s a lot of rubbish in the world, right? It kind of sucks. But there’s loads of cool stuff too. Here’s my shrine to all that I deem lovely, built atop the broken bodies of my enemies.

Words go up on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday, in theory. Things are sorted into very unclear and confusing categories along the right hand side, but words I’ve written and don’t hate live ->here<- so perhaps start with them. If you’re a truly intrepid internet explorer, then ignore my advice, for who knows what mediocre masterpiece you might stumble upon should you simply keep on scrolling?

If for some reason you want to talk to me, and be the first non-robotic humanoid ever to send me an email, you may do so ->here.<-

Those are the things you now know. Congratulations and good luck, with your life I mean. You are loved. Bye.