Inside Number 9

It’s a little twenty minute paddling pool of gruesome, clever joy. It gets me excited, more than anything else on TV at the moment. It’s delicious. You should have a taste.

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The Affair (The Tv Show, not the act.)

The Affair is the greatest show nobody watches. I mean, I’m sure loads of people do watch it, otherwise it wouldn’t still be going. But nobody in my circle of friends/podcasts/YouTube videos/blogs/skin-walkers/flesh-eaters/Mormons/other multimedia discussion spaces seems to even mention it. Which is strange, because it’s a show I can’t stop thinking about.

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American Horror Story

The thing about American Horror Story is, it’s American Horror Story. It does what it wants, sometimes despite you, sometimes to spite you. It’s over the top, flamboyant, stupid and smart. It’s a pantomime, a love letter to horror, a second rate rip off. It’s anything it wants to be, which is why it’s so unique.

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