Wonder Woman Review (or the metaphorical skewering of the world)

There’s a fresh joy to seeing loads of badass women being awesome, and to having a DC superhero film that doesn’t suck, but to just talk about the reasons Wonder Woman is an important film doesn’t really do much to explain why it’s a good one. And well, yeah. It’s a pretty flipping good one.  

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Total Recall and YA Literature

I watched Total Recall on channel four, where it was interrupted midway through by an awkward newscast that lasted half an hour. Apart from reminding me of why I hate watching things on TV rather than streaming them, it gave me time to reflect. What I realised, as that man wittered away about the state of the world, about the rounding up of Ozie’s, about the arrival of the Watcher Clan, was that the reason I was enjoying Total Recall so strongly was for the same reasons I adore much of YA literature.

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